An XToric Yamaha

How a conventional mid 90s #XT600 can become a retro-dated #enduro hommage

3y ago

The big single-cylinder enduro bikes like the Yamaha Xt or Honda Dominator (just to make a couple of names) are becoming more and more popular among customizer and enthusiasts.

Their simple structure works well when you want to make mods because you have less elements to adjust or move.

This, together with the growing popularity of the flat-track style, gives these subtle vehicles a new market and a new popularity. But this time we were not told to transform a big enduro in a low and raw sideways-warrior.

The owner needed something more classic and less overrated so he asked for a vintage flavour over its mid-90s base. The only exceptions are some technical choices that help in making this Xt600 more fit for nowadays use.

These are: the Vor front end, in a good gold finish with a branded handlebar plate, the minimal round gauge with integrated tachometer and rev counter, the round led headlight.

Everything else is just designed and built from scratch from raw aluminium sheets. Front fairing, side panels and the drilled panels over the custom fuel tank and over the exhaust.

The color scheme counts on a vintage metallic green - flat white combo: frame, rims and handlebar are covered in white while the fuel tank, side panels and front fairing shows the ultra shiny dark green finish.

To emphatize all the craftmanship and the skill some parts of the body are left unpainted and only covered with clear paint.

The paltes over the fuel tank follow accurately the shape of the tank to create an even more precise look. The 4 holes are a style choice that has to remind the protections on the vintage enduro/rally bikes.

The front aluminium fender is mounted via a couple of bespoke built steel tube supports.

On the side panels we can find a couple of areas left unpainted that can work as number plates. The also cover the stock plastic airbox and the electric system.

The metallic green really is super-deep and helps in making the whole shape look sharper.

The white rims maybe aren't properly suited for off road and mud but really fit the urban scrambler theme.

The engine is covered in matt black paint with polished edges. It's a bit of a trademark for Greaser Garage.

For the saddle Cristian went for a classic and cool leather finishing with diamond texture. It really works well with the retro-dated theme.

The exhaust has been replaced with a matt black muffler and heat-wrapped headers. To protect the rider a couple of drilled aluminium plates has been built.

So this Xt keeps all the good qualities and the easy-living approach of the stock model but with a distinctive vintage allure.

Like the Sr400 project this work reveals how even the most subtle base could become a cool way to hit the streets.

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