An XTraordinarily accurate 1976 Yamaha XT 500

A fully restored Yamaha XT 500 Enduro

1y ago

Beside all our special projects and modified motorbikes, Greaser Garage is also focused on restoring completely different kinds of models from any era. This time our "patient" was a Yamaha XT 500 Enduro that needed a lot of love.

We decided from the beginning to take everything apart and start working on every single part and detail.

The engine has been opened and renewed to work like it was new and then every bit of it has been re-painted. All the bolts have gone through a galvanization process to give them a new life.

Frame and bodywork have been brought to the metal and then painted again in ASI-approved colors to re-create the exactly look of the stock model.

Many components are the old ones but have been polished and checked to give the Yamaha a fully operational condition.

Although it's not one of those models everyone are looking for it's really cool when you see an object from the past that after a long process goes back to its roots.

Even for custom builders like us a full restoration is a stimulating challenge because you don't want to leave anything behind: every logo, every minor detail becomes elemental!

This market is reallt growing in Italy and it's great to have so many different models around in the workshop. Stay tuned for more special guests coming!

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Comments (3)

  • The XT’s were / are great looking bikes, used to have a poster of one on my wall as a kid, but please remove the mirrors and put some knobbly tyres on it!

      1 year ago
    • It's a restoration that had to stay true to the original so we put everything on it. We don't know if the owner will change something or keep it like that :)

        1 year ago
  • Nice job keeping another XT alive

      1 year ago