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2y ago


The intire reason for the owner of this car to buy it, was simple: He wanted to go to Nurburgring. Needed a car. Bought this. However; "this", beeing a 1977 911 meant that the conditions better be perfect, due to the total a lack of ANY technical aids what so ever. The time he went with this car though, it rained. He did a lap, but with white knuckles and a very "moderate" speed. Scary, the owner said. It would spin out at any second, it felt like. And he loves it.

It's been properly re-built to a 964-style, and fitted with a DP-Motorsport widebody kit. DP makes the car about five inches wider than a normal 965 Turbo.

The 1977 engine has been replaced by a 3,6-litre 964 engine equipped with a 3,8-litre cylinder-kit. It also have Dansk exhaust, and a G50 5-speed gearbox.

A full rollcage is fitted, Sparco seats and 4-point belts. This is a very painful birth-experience to climb in and out of. No powersteering or other buttons to save you from exposing your true driver-talent are found in the cockpit.

The Kerscher wheels are 12-inches wide at the rear, and 10 at the front.

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