- Analogue or digital?

Analogue vs. Digital car/audio

If you could choose, mix and match, how would you set up your perfect ride?

The time of magic and miracles is just around the corner. People wish and dream of different things, stuff that we can not afford, that is not available yet or simply unobtainable. But what if someone out there is ready to fulfill your deepest fantasies and make your dreams come true? What would be the perfect car and audio system in it that you would ask Santa to put under your Christmas tree? Would you ask for a true analogue hyper car with a digital sound like legendary McLaren F1 with Kenwood CD changer only ( no radio was installed )? Would you go all digital like Bugatti Chiron and Accuton Diamond speakers? Perhaps a subtle Peugeot 508 with nuclear powered Focal Beryllium highs? Well, if you haven't come to a conclusion from the headline picture, I would absolutely love to see Technics returning to car audio. Just what car do I wish they'd put it in? Well, my car I guess! Just look at those VU meters!!!

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