Analysis: The automotive industry is about to undergo a big change

Plus: Drivetribe's top creators share their thoughts on car brands going fully electric

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"Ahh, another car brand will go fully electric soon", said one of my friends yesterday when he heard that Jaguar was about to go fully electric. With the governments pushing car brands to produce only electric cars by 2035, it is time they prepare themselves for the change.

As Alessandro Renesis says, "Once car maker A and car maker B go electric, car maker C and D are going to feel duty-bound to follow along". This is true.

With Jaguar and Land Rover going electric and Porsche and Audi showing signs that they will also be introducing number of electric car in the coming years, it has become an obligation for other car brands to start developing electric cars. At the end, no one will want to be left out.

"Manufacturers want money because they're businesses. Tesla has now become one of the most profitable brands on the globe and naturally, other businesses want a piece of the action. I'm mainly into classics personally, so most new cars aren't really interesting to me, therefore I'm not really bothered by the EV thing", says Aaron Hussain. Elon Musk's Tesla proved to be the catalyst for the start of the EV revolution and other car brands are now following suite.

Many petrolheads all over the globe have said that they don't like car brands going fully electric. Take Jaguar for example. With the British brand going electric, the new XJ has been cancelled and the F-Type's future looks a bit uncertain. Both these cars are loved by car enthusiasts all over the world.

Another problem that petrolheads have with EVs is that they won't have much character. "Character takes time to build in cars. If you look at the early automobile they were all largely the same. A horsecart with a combustion engine hung from it to provide propulsion. They had all the soul of a screwdriver. Now we view them as aged antiques with as much soul as Barry White, but in their time they were but a tool. It took time and a touch of nostalgia for cars to develop the character we enjoy in them to this day, and it is likely the same will be said for electric cars, we can see the start of this soul-ification in things like the Honda E and the Porsche Taycan", says Jesse Billington.

"One is a lithe whizzy city car with pep and charisma, the other is a refined slice of electron powered twist with a chassis that by all accounts leaves Elon Musk a bit puzzled. Porsche, in a surprise to no one, managed to put the soul into the electric car. To give it a dynamic that made it unique beyond its instant torque and straight-line grunt was a genius move. It gives recalcitrant petrolheads one less dated argument to use against electrification. Car makers going electric? I'm not fussed, especially now we know how to put a bit of soul into a battery", he concludes.

With carmakers going electric, they will have to ensure that the cars don't lack soul. At the same time, enthusiasts will also have to adapt to having cars with less soul.

What's more, it is not just electric cars that we will be seeing in the future. Hydrogen will also become a fuel in the future and have a big part to play.

"I don't think that in the future there will be one singular way of powering or fuelling a car, just as there isn't now. Battery powered cars will be a huge part of the future of motoring, but so will hydrogen fuel cells and potentially even synthetic fuels that don't require the use of any oil and will likely be a lot better for the environment than petrol and diesel are. Thinking that all new cars are going to be battery EVs by 2030/2040 is a bit ridiculous because, if the past is anything to go by, that is absolutely not going to happen in any way", says Robert Percy.

Robert says, "We shouldn't mourn the death of the internal combustion engine, instead we should see what's going on now as a bridge from one era of car making into another. I genuinely think we could have another golden era of motoring within the next 20-30 years."

Cars like the Audi E-tron and Taycan have shown that electric cars can be great. If carmakers get the recipe right, then car enthusiasts could be in for a very exciting time.

As Arnold Bennet once said, "Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by discomforts". We knew that the electric car revolution was going to come, and now it seems like it is happening.

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  • f*.. electric.

      3 months ago
    • Time to get adapted! 😁

        3 months ago
    • « adapted » to what..?? to Greta speech..??!😂😂😂😂 Speak about you my friend, as far as i am concerned i’m « adapted » to actual time. Electric is just ecology stupidity

        3 months ago
  • What?? Check your facts- you or whoever you were quoting there- “ Tesla one of the most profitable companies in the globe” ??? they have made no profit in all the years till this last quarter, and that was very small, I think you are confused by the share price going through the roof- that is not profit- and share prices can evaporate as quickly as they can appreciate, or even quicker.

      4 months ago
    • You're confusing net profit of Tesla's overall enterprise versus profit margin on their cars. Tesla's profit margin per car is a massive 5x higher than average. "Tesla said automotive gross margins in the third quarter were 27.7%, up from...

      Read more
        3 months ago
  • Urgh! 😭 I hate electric cars! Nobody has made one that i even remotely like. Especially at a price that is anywhere within a budget i could consider! 😕

      3 months ago
    • As far as I’m concerned, an EV is pretty far away from getting a spot in my garage...

        3 months ago
  • There is no justification of electrification

      3 months ago
  • I think by 2065 there will be a new resource crisis as everyone omits the fact that Electric cars don't have great longevity and the resources required for their production are extremely difficult to mine, not to mention being rare. This rarity will only speed up as demand increases and is there really enough cobalt to make 10 million EVs? I think the ICE is not done, we have seen in Science Fiction how the Internal Combustion engine can persist, and I think it will be worth exploring how to run ICE engines on other substances. For example, the Halo Warthog uses hydrogen as a combustion fuel for an ICE engine. I am optimistic about the future of motoring, after all I only desire to drive old cars as new ones are boring and derivative in my view, so as long as fuel supplies last (which they probably will) I will be fine

      3 months ago
    • BMW actually ran a modified old 7 series in the year 2000 and the updated 2005 7 series on hydrogen. I think they had to modify materials in the engine to stop the hydrogen gas corroding them, like pipes and gaskets to prevent leaks.

        3 months ago