I have fired up automation after a long while of innactivity, I have lost A LOT of practice on the way and I decided that instead of going for a record breaking hypercar I would aim towards making a sedan oriented towards the US market, Sporty for driving with spirit down a mountain pass but practical for the city conmuting.

Engine description and Specs.

Engine name & Variants :B621-TT/B621-A/B421-DTT.

Number/Layout of cylinders: Boxer 6.

Displacement: 2999cc

Twin turbo,DOHC,Direct Injection 45,0mm turbine,Single exhaust, Interference cathalyzer

Compresion ratio: 10:11

Horsepower: 274,7Hp6000Rpm

Torque: 389,5Nm/3700Rpm

L/100: 14.4

Performance specs

Top speed: 265kph (Limited to 250kph)

0-100: 5.4 seconds

80-120: 3.27 seconds

1/4 mile: 13,62 sec

100-0: 35 meters

Cornering force: 1.02 G

Weight 1.825kg, Distribution: 53.7F 46.3R

Tow capabilities 1.825kg,

Max cargo space: 535,7Kg

Let me know what do you think in the comments below!

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