- a manual transmission this is.

And eventually, the Manual will never go extinct!

BMW predicts the Manual will be extinct by 10 years from now, but I don't understand why they would say something like that. And here's why!

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So BMW, one of the biggest Sports car brands out there, claims that the Manual transmission will be a thing of the past in 10 years. Now I'm not saying that BMW has gone insane, but I don't think that BMW would make a good fortune teller. And yes, there won't be a need for the Manual transmission anymore, but there will be for the fun it brings!

Yes, so this is an electric Corvette!

Yes, so this is an electric Corvette!

Now of course there will only be electric cars in the future, so changing gear won't ever be necessary, but still it is possible. This was proven by a Company called "Genovation" who took a Corvette and converted it to an electric vehicle, now I first didn't understand why anyone would ever do that, because an electric vehicle is not so much fun to drive as a petrol vehicle, but then some miracle happened! This company managed to make a manual transmission for an electric vehicle!

Now this is perfect, because this means that even in the future there will be the possibility for electric vehicles to have manual transmissions! And it gets even better, because if you like to manually change gear on a twisty road but don't want to change gear yourself when you're on Amsterdam Avenue in New York, you can! because the car doesn't need to change gear, but it can! So I think that the Manual transmission will not only not go extinct, but will also improve!

A manual transmission in an Elecrtic Vehicle!

A manual transmission in an Elecrtic Vehicle!

Now of course if your a regular citizen and you don't understand what we're on about, you of course would never buy an electric vehicle with a manual transmission, because that would be insane! but cars like the Porsche 911 or Cayman, could still possibly be offered with a manual transmission for the purists, like me, under us.

And well.. let's be honest, if the big car companies don't give us manuals, we'll give ourselves the manuals and we'll make sure that it will never be a thing of the past!

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