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*Some of the things I'm going to say are JOKES. Please, DON'T TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY.*

Sooooo. Iv'e been here for quite a while now, and you probably know me as one of the more active members . and I must say - My experience on DriveTribe was (And still is)... Wait. I need a word for that. "Great" isn't enough, "Wonderful" just sounds stupid, and "Perfect" is a little too much. So yeah, you get what I'm saying. And now, I'm here, leading a Tribe. And yeah, it already feels like a rock on my back. It requires responsibility, you know. And lots of it. So that was the "Introduction blah blah blah bullshit".

Now, let's get to what I'm planning to do here. First of all, this Tribe is - Admit it - Not very active. At least not compared to other Tribes. I want more people to join, and everyone who is already here - I need your help. Of course, I will post quite some stuff here. But, I can't run this place without you guys. So go ahead and post everything you have in mind. AND RELATED TO THE TOPIC PLEASE. I DON'T WANT TO SEE THE PHANTOM 8 IN THE COMMENTS. Just kidding, no offense to our Rolls Royce fan. Second. This is where the polls come. I need you guys to choose if you want to keep the main tribe picture (Which I prefer to change, but it's up to you), and if you want to change the background picture (Which I thought of keeping but not totally sure). All of the members will be able to post UNLESS I see someone posting unrelated stuff. So please, don't post your James May memes here. Even though they are funny as hell. The description is going to be extended because it's a little too short, and the name might receive a change, big or small. But I don't know about that yet.

And now for a few more things. There might be/not be another Tribe leader here, but that's still in progress. I will be here checking things every day, and posting every few days. So yeah. If I forgot to mention anything/if you have any questions write them down below/message me. Hope you enjoyed reading this... Piece of information I guess? Whatever. Later guys!

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