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Andrea Dovizioso to Petronas Yamaha, could it happen?

As I’m sure your all aware by now Andrea Dovizioso will leave the Ducati Factory Racing Team at the end of the 2020 season.
The second part to this puzzle is that Valentino Rossi is leaving the Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Team at the end of the 2020 season.

Originally it was all go that Rossi was to join the Petronas team along side his VR46 Academy rider Franco Morbidelli. But that deal has come to a halt in recent weeks. But with Dovi announcing his split from Ducati will Yamaha want to reunite with the 34 year old Italian, instead of the 41 year old Italian?

I’ll break down the reasons why Rossi or Dovi could get the ride:
Length of time, well Valentino would last a year or two at Petronas Yamaha before he potentially calls it quits on his very successful MotoGP career, whereas Andrea has the potential to keep going for another 3 to 4 years. So Dovi wins on how long he could last with the team.

Ability on the bike, Andrea Dovizioso has been racing the Ducati since 2013, so he will be used to the massively strong straight line speed of the Ducati, whereas the Yamaha is a very slow but smooth bike, but Dovi is ‘The Professor’. Now, Valentino Rossi has raced the Yamaha from 2004-2010 then 2013-present he has also won 4 world championships for Yamaha, so he knows how to make the Yamaha a championship winning bike, plus he’s trying to make Yamaha allow him to set the bike up how he wants. Because of The Doctors’ vast experience on the Yamaha he wins this round.

The development of the Yamaha, in this sense Rossi’s experience on the Yamaha may hinder his development skills on it, this is because he may want to develop the Yamaha back to its glory days in the 2000’s. However, Honda, Ducati, Suzuki and KTM are all moving forward in the new decade and have all improved their bikes significantly over the last 5 years whereas Yamaha have seemingly stood still in terms of development. Whereas, Dovizioso has rode a bike in recent years which has massive straight line speed, something Yamaha lacks. Could Andrea Dovizioso bring the experience of developing a bike to be a rocket ship to Yamaha, that is a very likely possibility. Andrea Dovizioso wins this round.

Marketing purposes, well Andrea Dovizioso is a big name inside the niche world of motorcycle racing as he has battled against Marc Marquez for the last 3 seasons, but outside of the world of motorcycling he’s not as big of a brand as the ‘VR46’ brand. Speaking of VR46, how amazing three of the biggest names in motorsport Yamaha, Petronas and VR46 together on one team! Yamaha are known for their motorcycling success, Petronas known for their motorsport success as a whole and Valentino Rossi is the most well known motorcycle racer ever. This would bring in so much revenue and sponsorship deals for the team so for this, Rossi wins.

So it’s all even on my personal stats for who should get the ride and to tell the truth they both deserve it. But hear out a theory that I like but has no traction behind it whatsoever.
Valentino Rossi to make a Suzuki MotoGP Satellite Team!

So theory one, Valentino takes his Sky and VR46 backing to Suzuki and says he will help fund a one bike satellite team for Suzuki for 2021 that he will race and then manage once he retires.
Theory two, Andrea Dovizioso goes to Petronas Yamaha, but Rossi makes his satellite Suzuki team but with two bikes, one for him and who better to partner him than, the young prodigy that he has been training for the last few years, Luca Marini! Rossi’s half brother would be perfect on the big MotoGP bikes and who better to have as a teammate in your rookie year than your own half brother.
Theory three, the most interesting but most outrageous, neither Dovizioso nor Rossi go to Petronas, but they both go to the SKY VR46 Suzuki Racing Team! Valentino Rossi retires and takes control of the new satellite team and hires two riders. Another experienced Italian in Andrea Dovizioso! Why not make it an Italian trio and throw Luca Marini in the mix again as the young rider to take advice from Rossi and Dovi, what a team to learn from in your rookie year.

This is all speculation and nothing has been confirmed of the time of writing.

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