Angry Redneck Yells at Ford

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I know it's a bit late, but here's an my angry take on this abomination

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  • Although I might need a psychiatric counselling and an eye exam (Yeah, I actually don't really hate the Mach E), I'm not sure about the Mustang name though. I must admit that the car itself is not bad; it's electric, quite fast(in the GT trim), and although the interior isn't my cup of tea, it's understandable. However, is it justified to get the Mustang name? No... If Porsche called their Cayenne the 911, I would have definitely reacted the same with you.

    Anyway, nice vid, and I believe we can agree on the Cybertruck though XD

      1 year ago
  • Instead of calling it a mustang, they should’ve brought the Tempo, Granada, LTD, or even the Torino nameplates back.

    All they are doing is damaging a respected name.

      1 year ago
  • Hahaha please start with the Cybertruck đŸ˜‚

      1 year ago
  • @tribe trying out a video today

      1 year ago