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Angry resident put up fake traffic light ‘to stop cars smashing into his Grade II house'

Is this petty or understandable?

22w ago

Grade II listed properties in the UK are buildings of significant importance or of special interest. This is why this angry resident has put up fake traffic lights outside his one 'to stop cars smashing into his Grade II house'.

Image - Solent News

Image - Solent News

According to Wayne Earl, there have been several occasions where his house had been smashed into and he wanted this to come to a stop. Even a lorry once reversed right into it. After 24 years, he felt an emotional attachment to his special home.

This is when he put up these lights and has since been told off by the police as it is illegal to do so. Sergeant Kevin Harmsworth, of Wiltshire Police, said Earl’s traffic lights ‘posed a considerable danger’ and has caused local residents to worry.

‘The installation of these green lights, directly in line with a traffic light junction, caused a huge amount of frustration and concern amongst the local community and the local policing team, due to the potential danger they posed,' he added.

Following this, Earl has been to court and was fined £150 for protecting his home with the use of illegal lights. Presiding Justice Mrs Hatty Stafford-Charles said: ‘We accept you put on those lights quite a long time before anyone came and complained about them however clearly the lights were misleading as we saw from the photograph and you did not remove them until January.’

Earl must also pay £150 in costs and a £32 surcharge which brings his total losses to £332.

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Comments (20)

  • Accidentally read that as “angry president put up fake traffic lights….” 😂😂😂

      5 months ago
  • There’s a nice little country Lane near me that encourages shall we say enthusiastic driving. Then at one end it becomes residential going into Enfield. One resident frustrated with the speed that people whoosh past his driveway has put a bird-box on the tree by his house. “How is this relevant?” I hear you ask. Well, you see this bird box is built and painted to look exactly like a speed camera. It works too. I’ll try to remember to stop and take a photo next time I pass.

      5 months ago
  • Worth the fine. If that's what it takes. Breaks down to a few pounds per month of peace. I get it.

    On the other hand he's a prime target for an influencer to crash a RAM into... on purpose.

    Did that old guy get tracks on his tank yet?

      5 months ago
  • 'Earl's grey' house

      5 months ago
  • Would a different colour be legal? Perhaps purple (no traffic light confusion and not an emergency service colour)

      5 months ago