Another 7 wonders of the automotive world

There are some cars that can quite easily be thought of as wonders of the automotive world. Here are 7 of them.

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Last year, I published a blog documenting what I deem to be the 7 wonders of the automotive world - which you can read by clicking here. And while I was satisfied with my choices, I must concede that it’s impossible to award cars “wonder” status in such low numbers. So, here we are again, with another 7 cars. Whether they be here for their achievement, their legend, or both, the following 7 cars I believe can be referred to as wonders of the automotive world. Be sure to let me know what yours are in the comments.

Lamborghini Miura:

While it wasn’t the first mid-engined road car, it was the first mid-engined supercar - hence, it established the now familiar supercar formula. Top that off with awesome speed, and looks to make even the strongest of knees tremble into buckling, and the Miura is one of the automotive world’s greatest legends.

Chevrolet Corvette:

An icon of American motoring history that pre-dates the Mustang by over 10 years. First arriving in 1953, the Corvette doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon - even as it transitions into a mid-engined future. It’s DNA may change over time, but its legacy will live on forever.

Aston Martin DB5:

Arguably the most iconic Aston of them all, the DB5 is a car that’s instantly recognisable as something special no matter where it ventures. While it may be as nice to drive as a 3-legged horse, its beauty and link to James Bond makes it worthy of its “wonder” status.

Volkswagen Beetle:

Unfortunately, the Beetle is also worth a mention in this list. As awful as it is as a car, and as evil as the people responsible for its inception were, you could make a very intriguing argument that the Beetle is in fact the most important car ever made. And for that, I have to include it.

Audi Quattro:

The car that brought 4 wheel drive to rallying, and also excitement to the roads. The Audi Quattro is looked back on by enthusiasts as one of, if not the, greatest and most legendary rally car of all time. And with a 5-cylinder turbocharged engine from the gods, it made a pretty handy road car as well.

Porsche 959:

“Get rid of the 959 and replace it with an F40” is what each and every comment will say - but despite that, the 959 was a far superior car to the F40. It was the fastest car in the world, yet it could be used everyday like any other Porsche. It was comfortable, quiet, and so technologically advanced, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was made by Nasa. Really and truly, it was the Veyron of its day - and praise doesn’t get higher than that.

McLaren F1:

Thanks to a recent poll I ran on DriveTribe, it appears people view the McLaren F1 as the single greatest car in all of automotive history. Whether the popular opinion is right or wrong, it doesn’t detract from this car’s immense spectrum of abilities, and the way in which it executes everything it does. It is, quite clearly, a wonder above wonders of the automotive world.

Now though, I’ve got to throw the question your way: what are your 7 wonders of the automotive world? Let me know in the comments.

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Written by: Angelo Uccello

Twitter: @AngeloUccello

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