Another Car?

3y ago

I have a chance of buying a second car. I have thought about a second Mini, or a Defender even! The thing is I love racing cars. Modern ones historic ones I don't care. I am a sort of automotive tart. I took these pictures at Carfest North a few years ago. So - I have a dilemma. What car should I buy? I want to buy a car which, maybe, one day I could modify and build as an homage to something like one of these. Not just the style but the substance under the bonnet to. So, any suggestions? Maybe for something not all that obvious, but ideally British, fast and feasible. That probably means the XJ220 is out! Suggestions on a postcard!

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  • The metro 6r4 rallycross car is going to be the most fun. Same engine as the jag you have in pictures. But you can drive on both tarmac and gravel, which is fun.

      3 years ago
    • Actually, ‚ÄčI agree. They sound amazing as well. I am leaning towards a sleeper MGB GT - Looking stockish but with really sorted brakes suspension and a hot engine.

        3 years ago
    • A good engine to for that might be the MGB could be the 3.5 rover V8 as MG did do a few with that engine.

        3 years ago
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      3 years ago