- N​issan Joke.

A​nother car company messed up their advertisement

T​oday it's Nissan's turn

6w ago

I​ heard a radio commercial for the Juke the other day, and it said something like "Sure, the Juke looks noticeable, but it does have a lot of technology", as if it's a downside for a car to look noticeable.

I​ don't know if Nissan realized it, but the Nissan Juke has polarizing looks. And they are the reason why people buy it, those who love the looks are glad to have a car they can stand out with.

B​ut Nissan names the looks as something rather irrelevant, and in some ways even as a downside of the Juke, that's not how advertising works Nissan!

N​issan Puke.

N​issan Puke.

I​ already wanted to complain about them advertising the Juke's technologies instead, but when I tried to find the radio ad on the internet, I came across a TV spot that's far easier to complain about.

I​t literally shows a Juke and says "That's how driving is suppossed to feel". Now admittedly I've never driven a Nissan Juke or indeed any car. But I have heard about the Nissan Juke being not exactly a great car to drive, and even I can tell that it doesn't seem like a car that was made for the driving-oriented buyers in any way.

M​aybe they just didn't finish the sentence and the real meaning was "That's how driving is suppossed to feel, not how the old Juke in your driveway does". But since I strongly doubt that, the commercial just annoys me.

S​o now I have to come to a conclusion...


Nissan's advertisements aren't good.

T​hat's a really rubbish conclusion actually but it'll do

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Comments (25)

  • 😂😂😂 Nissan Joke and Nissan Puke 😂😂😂

      1 month ago
  • If the Joke is as bad to drive as the Altima was, they're straight up lying to us.

      1 month ago
  • Hm.

      1 month ago
  • Nissan joke lmaoooo

      1 month ago
  • The Juke always seemed like a pointless car to me. The Qashqai serves the market perfectly (as does the Renault Captur), but both look better and are easier to drive as well as easier to work on (the Juke’s questionable looks hinders rear visibility as well as some crucial space to access the engine bay)

      1 month ago