Another Day Another Bit of Moping about.

Well what's in for me today? Drove past a luxury car dealer, got jealous and nostalgic seeing an old Viper and a Mclaren 650S. I just wanted to reminisce the time I first watched a Grand Prix back in 2004 when Schumacher was absolutely dominating in his Scarlet Red Ferrari F2004. Now I'm not here to say as others say to tell another day of BRING V10s Back reeeeeee- No I'm not. In fact, I wanna know what's the best kind of meal setup for a grand prix, like a beer with hot dogs or a burger? Some popcorn and soda or fries? Cause I loved my experience at the N24 where it felt so welcoming. How bout it? Other than that Enjoy this random image of a GTR GT500

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