12w ago

Another Day in Self Isolation (Sort Of) So I will Rant Again

So what's in it for me today? Oh honestly nothing, anything interesting motoring wise? Nope. Just the sight of the same sort of cars passing by full of miserable faces of people the BMw X3 and 5s and Audi Q7s iirc.. and whatever else you'd see around really with the occasional electric car passing by. Makes me think what happens when you're passing by a parking area and get smacked by a sudden EV cause you couldn't hear it. I know I've gotten myself bopped by a smol Kei Truck at a younger age but that's a different case. Now before people come to beckon me with facts like cameras and automatic brakes because it scans whatever's infront, im only just blithering what's on my mind out of curiosity. Happy Day to other fellow motorists today. I need to hush before I think of even dumber things. Enjoy a picture of a R8 GT300

PS: I do plan to return with another poll of mine to make just to keep up whatever I started off of a thought of boredom.

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