Another one bites the EV dust: TVR to make an electric comeback

BUT they’re also building a V8 model

Everyone loves TVR. Their cars are famously - and notoriously - needlessly complicated (remember the absurd door-opening system in the Sagaris?) and mental. And that’s what people love.

But the world has changed a lot and TVR, like many other manufacturers, has given in and accepted/understood that you‘re either going down the electric route, or, well, you’re just going down.

I don’t know how they’ll capture the essence of TVR without a petrol engine but that’s a conversation for later, at the moment, all we know is that TVR has teamed up with Ensorcia Metals Corporation, a lithium mining company, to “ensure the supply chain for TVR’s future battery requirements.”

That’s the good/bad news (depending on your POV), the good/bad news (again, depending on your POV), is they’re also working on a V8-powered Griffith, which will likely be paired with an electric motor to become a plug-in hybrid.

Ensorcia says it specialises in mining ‘green’ lithium in South America, using a patented, ‘environmentally considerate’ extraction process, and it’ll provide the batteries for the upcoming Griffith.

The car will be assembled at TVR’s new HQ near Cardiff, Wales. Probably in 2023 or 2024.

What do you think? Should car brands like TVR accept the fact that they have to electrify their cars or should they just, well, stop making cars? Let me know in the comments below.

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Comments (15)

  • TVR has been dead a long time, every attempt to revive has played on the brand to ignite loyalty from TVR enthusiasts.

    I don’t think they should revive TVR as an EV and decimate the brand as whatever it becomes is not a TVR!! Call it something else and don’t compromise it by using TVR references.

      8 days ago
  • As long as TVR are back and still insane, I’m happy

      8 days ago
  • TVR are like muscle cars but British, and if you know anything about muscle, you know it's effectively a synonym for big block engine. EV TVRs are not TVRs in the same way that EV muscle cars aren't muscle cars.

      8 days ago
  • Cool, I'm looking forward to whatever TVR makes. If they do

      8 days ago
  • No

      8 days ago