Answer Revealed! The Great Top Gear & Grand Tour Obscure Music Quiz: Week Three

Another week, another answer. That's right it's TGTG&GTOMQ answer time again!

29w ago

It's that time again. It's been two days since I posted week two of my new quiz, 'The Great Top Gear & Grand Tour Obscure Music Quiz'. Each week I will post an obscure piece of music from one of the two shows and a clue along with it and it is your task to find out where and when that song was played!

First off, apologies for the late answer this week, I've been at a car show for the first time all year and I haven't been near my laptop!

This week, we took a trip back to the 1970s with this track from the KPM Music Library by Keith Mansfield. A funky piece that would probably sound right in the British Leyland challenge from week one.

This weeks clue was a sentence spoken by one of the trio: "All I have to do, is as I'm told."

It didn't take long before the some answers came in. That's right, this weeks answer was the 'Modern Peugeot Driver Challenge' (Series 22 Episode 5) specifically when Clarkson is mentioning the amazing sat-nav in his dreadful Peugeot 307 CC.

So award yourself the correct amount of points for as follows:

5 points can be awarded for each of the following: The series and episode/s the music is featured in, the scene in which it plays and which presenter/s are present/ focused on in the scene when the music is playing (for example, this week it was James and Jeremy).

A bonus 10 points can be awarded for those who guess the cars being featured!


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