Answer Revealed! The Great Top Gear & Grand Tour Obscure Music Quiz: Week Four

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1y ago

It's time for another answer of the TGTG&GTOMQ again! Each week I will post an obscure piece of music from one of the two shows and a clue along with it and it is your task to find out where and when that song was played!

This week we took a trip to the classical realms of the KPM Music archives with a very sombre track from Francis Monkman called 'Lydia'.

This weeks clue was a small sentence written in French: 'ISSUE DE SECOURS'

I wanted to make this weeks clue even more difficult than previous weeks, but alas, it didn't take long before the some answers came in. That's right, this weeks answer was the 'The Man' parody advert from The Grand Tour, Series 1, Episode 11, where Jeremy makes fun of the reliability of his Maserati Bi-Turbo by parodying the 1984 VW Golf GTi advertisement. The clue can be seen right at the beginning of the clip on the door Jeremy uses to leave the casino.

I also want to add, that several players mentioned that this was also parodied twice in Top Gear. Once during the time James and Jeremy were developing the adverts for the VW Scirocco TDi and another time in an episode of Top Gear from 1991 when Jeremy reviewed the Mercedes S-Class.

So award yourself the correct amount of points for as follows:

5 points can be awarded for each of the following: The series and episode/s the music is featured in, the scene in which it plays and which presenter/s are present/ focused on in the scene when the music is playing (for example, this week it was James and Jeremy).

A bonus 10 points can be awarded for those who guess the cars being featured!



I never expected for the quiz to actually take off and although it gets some views every week, not many people take part. I could just not post any more and let it die off, but in some sense, I feel like I should at least give it a fighting chance. So, here's your moment to let me know what the quiz is like for you now that it has had a few weeks to do its thing. If you feel like it isn't working as a quiz or have any ideas on how to improve it then please let me know in the below poll or by leaving a comment! Thanks. - Josh

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