Any Colour as Long as it is Yellow

George lucas has a thing for yellow cars when many hate the colour on a motor

A bright yellow replica 'Hawk' Cobra with a Star Wars connection drew my eye and somewhat of a delightful sigh at the 2016 NEC Classic Motor Show in the UK. I knew of the original car from photos I'd seen previously. The Star Wars connection I knew but few will have realised, even with a a guy, by coincidence, in a stormtrooper outfit stood next to it!
Ever wondered about the reasoning for the particularly "piss yella' 32 Deuce Coupe in the film 'American Grafitti' or the yellow landspeeder of Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones'? Thought not...but here goes anyway.....Well, George Lucas was and still is a car fanatic this yellow Cobra was a replica of the car he worked on as a mechanic to Allen Grant in the early '60s. Lucas designed the livery which resembled the little yellow Fiat Bianchina he crashed as a young man.
Lucas also went on to make a short student film called 1.42.08 A Man and His Car (1966) featuring a Lotus 23 on a circuit of Willow Springs in similar livery and driven by Peter Brock. Lucas also went on to be a camera assistant on Grand Prix later in 1966 and in more recent times has been known to race and set up a race team in the US. - Andy Talbot

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