Any given Sunday. A quick fang with friends.

Have you ever wanted to go for a drive in your Porsche and share it with friends?

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Every weekend I get that urge to go for a drive, in fact I’ve got that urge right now, I get it in the middle of night, I get it while sleeping, actually I even get it while on the dunny! I'm considering installing a toilet (like in the space station) & feeding tube in my GT3 so I can just keep driving! All I need to do is work out is how to fuel up while on the move. Maybe in the future the technology will exist where we can turn the wee & poo into fuel! Perpetual motion then :-)

If only I could go drive with my mates everyday for a living, what a life!

So on any given Sunday why not contact a few friends, during the week and organise a weekend drive to the country. Or take a day off work and get out there on a weekday! Needless to say back-roads and roads less travelled is the only way to get around in a Porsche. The car becomes like an excited puppy at the beach, it bounces around, makes a lot of noise and gives you an extreme amount of pleasure! Some say the track is a Porsche’s natural habitat but I can assure you a string of back-roads are where they live where they come alive! You WILL discover your Porsche on a good back road!

I'm considering installing A DUNNY (like in the space station) & A feeding tube in my GT3 so I can just keep driving!

A Porsche nut

The good thing about a brekky* run (breakfast* to those aren’t Aussie) especially in summer is that you can meet early (say around 6am), shove off around 6.30am after the usual coffee, car talk and back slapping and arrive at the destination by 8.30. Then you can end up being home by late morning/lunch time which importantly keeps the Mrs & family happy (impossible I hear you say.....the Mrs happy thing I mean)

Good back-roads with twists and turns allow you to drive your car and totally enjoy the experience! Most back-roads are usually traffic free in the early mornings especially on a Sunday and are excellent for challenging your Porsche's suspension, braking and steering not mention sharpening your driving skills.

If I had my way I’d have drive with my mates every single day but see my earlier comment about keeping the Mrs & family happy, so that’s not always possible is it?

These drives are fairly easy to setup, all you need a few minutes on google maps (hours for me I just love it) to make sure the route you choose is a good one with no un-sealed (gravel) sections and away you go. Google maps is a brilliant starting point to any proposed run as you can see which roads are the back-roads and where they lead to. I have always found the back-roads to be more challenging with less traffic, better scenery and of course more curves!

All smiles on the open road in a Porsche!

All smiles on the open road in a Porsche!

So what’s my point here? Well if you ever just want to have a good drive with some friends then why not shoot off a few emails, make some phone calls, send some texts and get out there! Then if you find a good route & destination you might even consider sharing it with your local Porsche club for a larger more organised event! Heck you could even take the Mrs out there and leave your mates at home.

So if on any given Sunday if you feel the urge to get your Porsche out of the garage on into the wild, call up your friends, keep calm and just drive! It’s better to drive any day of the week especially on any given Sunday!

Cheers & thanks for the read!

Edward Roose

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