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Anybody Else In Love With This Novitec F8?

Cause I sure as hell am.

6w ago

Novitec, oh, Novitec- they're my favourite tuning house. And this time, they've modified the insanely awesome F8 Tributo. If the normal F8 was a tad bit too slow for you, you can now enjoy over 800hp in your F8, thanks to the aforementioned cool tuning house. While there are a bunch of carbon bits installed all over the place, Novitec hasn't made this just an appearance package with a tune. No, sir. It's a full-fledged upgrade that aims to look, sound, and go much better than the standard car.

Just loooooooooooook at it! It's so aggressive and handsome and beautiful and synonyms I can't be bothered to type. Shown above is a car that's taken advantage of each feature of the package though it's possible to choose only the bits and pieces you'd prefer. Among those options, you'll find different power output levels maxing out at 802 hp and 662 lb-ft of torque, nearly 100 more on each than the stock car.

Furthermore, those large 22-inch wheels are designed to work with a special Novitec suspension system that's designed to keep the car planted firm down despite the extra Aarons under the rear bonnet. Customers can completely customize their Novitec F8 Tributo down to the interior bits and exterior colors too. I'd personally have it in that grey with those gold/copper wheels.

So au-revoir and grazie for reading. Guess, I'll go.

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