Anybody like a murdered out Calsonic R-34 Skyline?

Time to build something I’ve been waiting to do for about 3 years. The kit is as the picture shows, a Tamiya TA-04R chassis kit.
Tamiya is long famous for their dedication to models and faithful recreations of famous and some infamous vehicles, war machines and my favorite... Racing cars and trucks.

Unless you’re a complete nerd like me, replete with a fully stocked nerditorium, you may not understand the attraction to a hobby so confusing and detailed as RC.
I won’t bore you with the details, just some groovy stats.

This chassis will end up as a complete carbon fiber race unit with all aluminum suspension components and a carbon fiber Nissan Skyline with Calsonic livery.

Drivetrain is an LRP 17 turn brushed motor, German made and brand spankers fresh.

The motor control is handled by a Tekin 411p 300 amp ESC with an added LRP lipo guard and high voltage BEC to give solid power to the EVO P1 all aluminum steering servo.

Using modern lipo batteries in a brushed motor car with gear from the nineties is well worth it in the form of an 8-10mph speed boost.

I have a Tamiya 26mhz receiver and transmitter set that completes the overall vintage styling of this build.

The chassis kits don’t have bodywork, electronics or very good wheels and tires so plan for that if you’re heading that direction.

12mm hex wheels from Johns BSR in 32mm foam for the front and 45mm foam rears complete the rolling unit.

I have 2 bodies for this rig. The Calsonic body is extraordinary but very rare. The aluminum wing mount and Yokomo wing top it off nicely.

Since driving the Nissan body would destroy it, I’ve bought a 1990 Mercedes C-11 Michael Schumacher body and a Repsol livery from a Porsche 962. I just like the Repsol livery and the Mercedes is really plain.
The body is new manufacture and replacement is easy so driving it is an option.
The wing for that one is an adjustable aluminum unit that will mount directly to the rear suspension to aid in actual downforce, helping those giant stickies in the back to do their job.
Still a few parts heading this way, so completion is about 2 months away, the way shipping has been lately, but the core stuff is ready and I love taking my time on these types of builds.
Let me know if you like it.

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