Apocalypse Custom - Bullhead

What started as a despised build turned into one of my most favorite.

This build was a tough love. I quickly slapped the front half of a Rolls Royce on the back of this Ford Ranchero with some JB Weld and immediately hated the result. I cast the project to the back of my workbench un-thrilled. But, after some time, I gave it a second glance and rounded up some more parts to pull it all together. I'm really happy with the end result! In fact, it's one of my favorite creations now.

It is called "Bullhead" for it's very tough, solid steel, tractor front end that is almost impossible to dent. The top-mounted gatling gun provides plenty of pow-pow! to survive the apocalyptic wasteland. While the driver can certainly bring a sidearm wielding buddy to sit shotgun, there's also room in the "can" that is mounted to the side of the vehicle which affords a basic level of protection (better than nothing right?).

Thanks for looking!

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