Apocalypse Custom - GreenSkull

Lean and mean. This rig is serious business.

5w ago

As I dig through my scrap cars for projects, I'm finding that some of the old Matchbox castings of my youth are great candidates for Apocalypse Customs. This Matchbox AMX Javelin already has mean lines and aggressive fender flares. It was an easy decision to hack into this car and make it a wasteland survivor.

The stock motor on this racer was fine enough, no upgrades needed there. Dual rifles are driver controlled and an added tombstone on the back keeps everything nice and safe. The rear axle was swapped out for a dually setup that provides tons of traction on any terrain. If the rifles don't catch the target, you can bet the front mounted plow will!

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Comments (2)

  • I said this last time: I hope that AMC MBX wasn't in good shape

      27 days ago
    • Lol it was playworn and I had used a sharpie marker on it as a kid. Pretty much junk :D

        26 days ago