Apocalypse Custom - Killer bB

I might be biased... but this is the most reliable vehicle in the wasteland.

11w ago

My wife's favorite automobile is the Scion xB (aka Toyota bB). So, when I ended up with a duplicate, rather playworn, Tomica bB it was time a custom with some spouse influence.

This menacing 4cyl dune hopper has some wife-mandated options. She wanted a rifle mounted in the back that can target any following enemy. Done. She asked for "one of those cow catchers lol" on the front. Done. Then she said "surprise me with the rest". Bliss.

After implementing the requested options I proceeded to give the little toaster a sufficient lift along with forward facing adjustable missile launcher and extra armor. Added some Vermont plates as well even though the registration is long expired.

While it doesn't have the top speed to brawl with the big dogs. This little bB packs a mean punch and is not to be messed with at all.

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