Apocalypse Custom - Mighty Max

Tank tracks all the things!

My Apocalypse customs pretty much get finished in batches. I'm usually working on 4 at a time and they all finish up around the same time (mainly so my build phases are lined up and less time consuming).

It feels lazy to name this one "Mighty Max"... But, the Hotwheels '52 Chevy already had the wording along the side of the shop truck. So, I imagine the crazies of the apocalypse would lovingly call this by it's already-printed name.

While it is able to overcome any wasteland terrain thrown at it, the upgraded rear mounted V8 power plant gives this rig plenty of go go go. As if the dual-drum ammo'ed machine gun wasn't enough to instill fear in the enemy. There's top mounted missle launcher that can certainly finish the job if the machine gun proves unsatisfactory.

Overall, I'm really happy with this build since the tracks and the Chevy seems to mate rather well. I think it needs a little more battle damage. But, we'll pretend this one hasn't seen the battle field much... or perhaps it's just lucky.

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Comments (2)

  • Great work as usual.

    And I feel this guy has seen plenty of battles along the way. Perhaps it's even been on the losing side of the battle on more than one occasion. This has led to a few rebuilds. See, when I saw the abundance of top notch equipment on this vehicle, I couldn't help but feel the owner (we'll call him Max) owns a salvage yard in the wasteland. Possibly even the leader of a small community of scavengers that all look to Max for protection from roving bands of crazies out there. Max has access to all the best equipment for his vehicle. He gets first pick on all 'new' parts coming into town. His truck has to be mighty to protect his loyal subjects. After each battle, he adapts his vehicle to strengthen any perceived weaknesses. First came the rocket launcher. While powerful, it could be very hit or miss. In came the hood mounted machine guns. Road debris slowing down quick hit and run attacks? A nice bulldozer bumper should clear the way. Unfortunately, ground clearance became a problem and the vehicle was prone to getting stuck in valleys between the rolling sand dunes. As fate would have it, an APC brought more refugees to Max's small scrap yard community. And they came strolling in on some lovely tank treads. Max has finally made his perfect machine. At least until another upgrade comes rolling by.

      1 month ago
    • Spot on! lol great writeup :) you are right about the junkyard. It's overflowing with good parts right now.

        1 month ago