Apocalypse Custom - Teethgrinder

This Maserati is ready to kill.

Teethgrinder might as well be called AP's ride. I built this one mainly on the premise of "what would I drive?" in the wasteland. This Maserati got a new life and a more reliable powerplant to scurry along the dunes with ease. Firepower is not a problem as well. I pretty much used all the neat tricks that I have learned over the past year while making these cars to cumulate into one vehicle and I'm super chuffed with the results.

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Comments (2)

  • Can you make a big post covering all the Apocalypse cars? That would be awesome!

      22 days ago
    • Haha! I'll see what I can do :) I need to reshoot a bunch of my other cars now that I figured out how to get the color balance right on my new camera. I'm definitely hoping to do a collection post!

        22 days ago