Apocalypse Custom - Ungaudy Audi

Nothing pretty about this Audi. That's for sure.

Oof! It's been half a year since I last posted an Apocalypse Custom! 6 months ago my workplace got crazy busy and didn't step off the gas (pun intended) until end of the year. Now that I don't feel exhausted during the weekends my creative energies perk up and well... Apocalypse things happen :)

The cretins of the wasteland have named this rig "Ungaudy Audi". While the distinct lines of the GMC pickup are easy to spot and that vehicle would have been plenty formidable in the wasteland by itself. Some wise, wrench wielding, madman understood the value of the Audi Quattro's All-Wheel drive system and grafted these two vehicles into an unholy union. Yes, underneath all that armor and filth lies the heart of a rally car which is ideal for the harsh terrain. With plenty of front reinforcement this is a: Ram first and ask question later rig that takes no prisoners.

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