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Apollo IE Sounds Heavenly Even At 4000 RPM!

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Almost a month ago, Apollo Automobili managed to create ripples across the automotive world when they unveiled the IE Intensa Emozione. Along with the Mercedes-AMG's F1 derived hypercar as well as Aston Martin's production version of the Valkyrie, the Apollo IE marks a new era of hypercar industry which is focusing more on aerodynamics and lightweight rather than just horsepower. The racecar design coupled with the V12 engine without any hybrid system received a big thumbs up from everyone.

Image source: Apollo Automobili

Continuing from the hype, Apollo have released a small clip of the IE filmed during their testing sessions and this has got everyone excited.

In the above clip, we can see and hear the Apollo being driven very gently around the Cremona Circuit, Italy. The first thing which strikes our mind is the rousing sound coming out of that V12 engine. The exciting part is when you realize this was just at light throttle at 4000 rpm and the hypercar has a redline of 9000 rpm! We cannot even imagine how electrifying it will sound when pushed to its limits. It might tear open the heavens! Bring it on Apollo!

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  • it sounds amazing because of the straight cut gears!

    1 year ago
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  • That is one sexy sounding engine!!

    1 year ago


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