App Update

1y ago


Hi DriveTribe,

If you use our app, you’re hopefully aware that last week we made a pretty big change to the Home screen. Our intention was to simplify the first view of the app for new users - to make a great first impression by showcasing the best Tribes, Chats and Posts that DriveTribe has to offer. In this respect, the new design has been a great success. We’re seeing new users do a lot more, and return more often.

However, this came at a cost. We made it a lot harder to only see Posts from your Tribes. For the more experienced DriveTribers that have spent hours and hours finding and joining Tribes to get their Feed just right, this was incredibly frustrating.

We’ve listened to your feedback, looked at the data, and taken action. Today we’ll be launching the next phase of the new design, that attempts to find a happy medium.

The Home screen will have 2 tabs - Discover and My Feed

On the Home screen, you’ll now be able to conveniently switch between “Discover”, that showcases the best of DriveTribe, and “My Feed”, showing Posts exclusively from the Tribes you’ve joined. We’ll also remember which one you’ve selected, so no constantly having to scroll down or switch tabs each time you want to quickly see the latest posts in your favourite Tribes.

Alongside this, we’re tidying up our navigation, which had become messy as we tried out new things.

We’ve moved your Tribes into the main navigation at the bottom of the app, and you can get to the Tribe discovery page from the Home screen. This means we can put your profile back into the header, allowing easy access.

My Tribes has moved into the primary navigation

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback, so please let us know in the comments once you’ve had a chance to play with it later today!

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