Apparently Mercedes wants to make a convertible G-Class

Is there a market for a G Wagen with a receding hairline?

4d ago

Back in 2017, Mercedes-Benz came out with something called the Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet and it was essentially an extended 4x4 Squared with a convetible portion at the rear. It is incredibly rare and special V12-powered G-Class and just handful were ever built.

However, according to GT Spirit, Mercedes wants to build something like this again and why wouldn't they if Rolls Royce came out with the Boat Tail this year?

The main reason these rumors have surfaced is because Mercedes is said to be hiring new engineers to work on a foldable roof at its Graz factory in Austria, where the G-Class is put together by Magna-Steyr. Sure, these engineers may be making something completely different, but you never know.

If they do make one, then it will likely be based on the current-generation of G-Class but with an extended wheelbase like before and again will be a collaboration with Maybach, most likely.

Should Mercedes make another convertible G Wagen?

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  • Out of all offroad cars a convertible will probably only work on a G

      4 days ago
  • Actually I don't get it why ppl hate Coleman.I mean,I have respect to Welham,but also to Coleman.They both spend hours on Drivetribe and Foodtribe :P

      4 days ago
  • If it means I can add a Heckler & Koch Granatmaschinengewehr to the back, why not?

      4 days ago
  • aslo one thats light enough not to sink in to very wet sand!

      3 days ago
  • Why!

      4 days ago