Apple cart = tipped

2y ago


Just yesterday f1 pundits across the globe were wondering the future of Lewis Hamilton. Nico is the nw champ, and Lewis can't maintain control of his emotions was the dribble of the day. With Nico Rosberg's retirement announcement over night, things have changed - haven't they?

I wonder what Sir Jackie thinks today after just 2 days ago railing on Hamilton calling him a "ballerina", and intimating that he should be dismissed from the team for failing to follow team orders? Should they still dismiss him Sir Jackie?

This is what I was talking about the other day. Sir Jackie Stewart doesn't have a handle on how to run a modern F1 team, and he needs to be quiet about it. Events like this are what define modern F1 and the politics are slightly different than they were in the 1970's as Sir Jackie became best friends with suspected Child Molester roman Polanski (currently hiding from extradition). A bad decision such as an untimely dismissal of 3-Time Champ Lewis Hamilton would have cost Mercedes more millions of dollars than it cost to build all the F1 cars Stewart ever drove in his entire career, not to mention almost certainly compromised their opportunities to sign worthy enough drivers to field a team competitive enough to compete for the Championship next year - of course that costing the team even MORE millions.

For that matter, what are all the dozens of F1 reporters talking about today that were talking smack about Lewis just yesterday and the day before? Suddenly all their article about the bad seed Hamilton are no longer relevant.

Personally, I'm glad to see the silver-spoon fed Nico gone. No room for whiners in F1. (You hear that Seb??)