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E​very few months, Apple has events to launch new products. Last year in March, they announced Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and Apple News+. Last June, they announced iOS 13, iPadOS, MacOS Catilania, WatchOS 6, TVOS 13 the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR. Apple show us what the new features and cool things the devices can do, as well as show us some niche and cool products. For the first time ever, WWDC has been broadcast with no live audience. This will be a longish article!

i​OS 14

iOS now supports full screen widgets this is big. iOS is more custom and personal than ever. There is an “App Library” this allows apps to be organised automatically. This means the apps are easier to find than ever. This is the most advanced iOS yet. The phone knows what apps you use the most and it makes it easy.

Apple have also introduced new widgets and these can stick in the home screen. You can change the size of them and it gives us iPhone users something we’ve wanted for a long time. There is also a widget called “Smart Stack” this means the phone automatically can decide what you want to see. They have also brought picture in picture over to iPhone. Us Mac and iPad users love this feature and Apple have finally given this to us!

Siri has been completely updated. Siri used to get in our way, now Siri has a new User Interface which lets us continue using our phone when we use it. Apple haven’t just changed the user interface for Siri, they have updated Siri to answer through websites, rather than showing us a website. Siri can now translate complete conversations from language to language. This is done through a new app. It can translate in real-time, there is a mode called “Conversion mode” which can understand multiple people and translate it at once.

iMessage has also been updated with conversions, Memoji and group chats. You can now pin the most important conversations, Memoji also incorporates face coverings, headwear and many others. When in a group chat, you can also reply to messages directly, and you can tag messages.

Maps, Apple CarPlay and the App Store have also been updated. Since Apple updated the maps in the USA, they are also bringing it to the U.K., Ireland and Canada! They are also adding more environmentally friendly ways! They have also added in special EV routes for drivers, they know the type of charger too. This means that CarPlay can add in charging points en-route! So far, BMW and Ford have signed up for it and other car manufacturers will join too.

CarPlay has had a completely new update you can customise it more. The iPhone can be used as a car key, much like BMW with android phones. They gave also released a smart key, Android users have had this option for ages, especially with BMW. Now Apple has created a new standard, which allows you to unlock your phone. You can share the key through a text and you can even restrict how fast the person can drive.

​iPadOS 14

iPad OS shares the same redesigned widgets as iOS 14. They have redesigned the “Photos” App, it is more of a Mac experience than ever before. When using the iPad you can now use the Apple Pencil to convert handwriting into text. This is very cool, you can now write and the iPad can convert it into text. This is on top of the iOS features. Apple are trying to make an iPad run like a Mac, which is very good. It can allow us who use both to have more flexibility now!

W​atchOS 7

Apple WatchOS now supports different faces. This includes many things like complications which allow different Apps to show you more information on the face than before, so Nike Run Club can show everything from pace, calories, time, your last run, etc. to help keep you motivated.

The Apple Watch can now track your sleep, your devices can now help you get to bed on time and get up on time. There is a new feature called "Wind Down" this stops you seeing notifications and shows shortcuts. When you wear your watch at night, it can wake you up in the morning with haptic alarms (so it vibrates). The Apple Watch can detect when you wash your hands so you know how long to wash them, this is incredibly important in this day and age.

M​acOS "Big Sur"

This is a big year for MacOS, they have thought of a new name named "Big Sur". Yes that is seriously the name. It has had a complete redesign, it is more consistent than before, so it looks more similar to iOS. They are also keeping it consistent. It is a lot more transparent than before, and there is more widget support, much like the iPhone and iPad.

The dock has been completely redesigned, alongside "Finder", "Mail", and every other app made by Apple. The "Menu bar" is translucent and matches the desktop background. They have also brought the "Control Centre" over from iOS. The widgets can be added to this "Menu bar".

Safari on the Mac has been completely updated too, Apple claims it is faster than Chrome (I might switch back!) Much like Chrome, Safari will have the same widgets as Chrome and Apple have made this easy to port over. They now allow a customisable home page on it, tabs are better than ever.

The Macs which will run it:

Apple have now swapped from Intel to their own chips

This is massive, Apple now use their own processors, rather than Intel, they now use their own processors in the Mac. This follows the iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch etc. This means Apple will have complete end-to-end control (meaning they have control of absolutely everything). This means the processor will be built exactly for the Macs. They will be a lot more powerful and use a lot less energy. There will be special custom controllers, this is great so software and hardware will be better than ever, so these will be better and more powerful than ever.

The main issue with this means that every Intel Mac will be out of date in a matter of time, the new processor is the A12z - which is the processor in the iPad Pro. This means the iPad Pro is more of a computer than I thought! There will be backwards compatibility with Intel apps, so if you swap from Intel to Apples own chips you will be able to use all of the current MacOS apps.

All iPhone and iPad apps will run on the Mac. So if you own a Mac and you love an iPhone / iPad app, you can use it on the Mac perfectly! The Intel Macs will be supported for a few years, and Apple expect to fully transition to their own processor in around 2 years, with the first of them shipping by the end of the year.

I​f you are in the process of buying a new Mac don‘t get one, buy an iPad or wait until the end of the year. This is because it will no longer be supported in a few years, meaning if you upgrade now, a few years from now you will need to buy a new one. I’d personally buy an iPad or hold off until next year.

What do you think of this annoucement?

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