Apple is reportedly developing two cars, not just one

One is going to be fully autonomous and the other one will be ‘drivable’

2w ago

We know Apple is working on its first-ever car, we know they’ve been working on it for seven years (!), we know that they’ve been “in talks” with a long list of manufacturers to make it happen. What we did not know, until now, was that the tech giant is actually working on two models, not just one model.

In short, Apple wants to build a ‘conventional’ car - as in a car you could actually drive - along with a self-driving car capable of Level 3 or even Level 4 autonomy.

I remember when somebody asked Elon Musk if he was worried about a potential upcoming Apple car and if he thought it was true that Apple was considering building a vehicle, and Musk said “it’s pretty hard to hide something if you hire over 1,000 engineers to do it.”

Part of the reason why he said that is some of the “1,000 engineers” that are working on the Apple car actually used to work for Tesla so, and this is hardly surprising, the first Apple car will probably look and feel a lot like a Tesla.

When is this going to happen? Numerous reports indicate a deadline for 2024 for the self-driving one and 2025 for the ‘normal’ one. Let’s wait and see.

What do you think? Would you drive an Apple car?

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Comments (31)

  • Oh my god... Pontiac Aztec and Fiat Multipla move over.... There is a new UGLY KING !!🤣🤣🤣🤣

      15 days ago
  • Knowing its a apple product its going to be crap compared to the competition, its going to be extremely overpriced, and its going to sell out in a couple of days

      14 days ago
    • I actually worked in the smartphone world for about 4 years and I refused to use Apple because I didn’t like many of their policies, so to speak.

      And my colleagues kept telling me, “you’re right, BUT, try using an iPhone once and you won’t go...

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        14 days ago
    • I have an iPhone for work that was issued to me but would never buy one. My personal phone is Android; no apple for me. I'd never pay the inflated prices, they don't do anything special. I also dislike the smug culture that surrounds apple...

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        10 days ago
  • If the baby of an Aztek and a Cybertruck had a kid who did meth this would be it

      14 days ago
  • Right hand drive?

      14 days ago
  • Has no else noticed the crazy track tyres on the car in the picture of the rear end?

      11 days ago