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A​pple September Event 2020

T​ime Flies, doesn't it?

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N​ow, I know this social media platform is called DRIVETRIBE, but I want to use my outreach here to write about Apple's latest event with their newest products which are released. Each and every September, Apple hosts an event which releases a plethora of products normally new phones and Apple watches. I decided to watch it and write about it so you don't have to. This was held with no live audience, much like WWDC this year due to the recent events of COVID-19.

A​pple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE

Meet the new Apple Watch, it has taken a leap forward, although it looks virtually identical to the five watches before, it now comes in more colours than ever: Blue, Graphite, Product (Red) and a new Gold, on top of the previous models.

T​he Apple Watch can now measure the blood oxygen levels in your body. This is on top of ECG readings, heart rate readings and V02 Max readings. There are many new features which can include elevation on the watch face in real time, meaning that you can see exactly what height you're at, there are other new faces which are more traditional watch faces, and new "MiMoji" faces too.

A​pple have released a new strap too which is called the "Solo Loop" meaning there is no clasp any more, just a band, which is stretchy and supposed to fit any wrist perfectly. The watch is also now made out of 100% Recycled alminium.

T​hey have also released a new model too which is a lot cheaper and is a more basic watch than the Series 6, it is called the Apple Watch SE. This is built to be a more affordable option which uses the design of the Series 6, nut has the internals of the series 5. It only costs $279, the Series 6 is $399 and the Series 3 is still on sale at $199. (Sorry this is in dollars, the price in £ haven't been released). These can be ordered today and are available from Friday.

A​pple Fitness+ and A​pple One

A​fter Apple enjoying the success of their subscription servicies, they've added a new one, called Apple Fitness+ for the people not able to go to the gym, they will mist likely be doing home workouts. All you have to do is start a workout on your phone, iPad or TV which links to your watch. There are videos which link to your watch and your move rings appear on your TV, iPad or iPhone, so you don't need to look at your watch. This only costs $9.99/month or $79.99 a year which is available to your entire family. You get 3 months free when purchasing a new watch.

A​pple have released a new service called "Apple One" which puts all of their subscriptions on one plan. Plans start from just under $15 a month and range to $30 a month.

i​Pad 8th Generation

T​his year marks a decade of iPad, in that time Apple have sold half a billion. The new iPad 8th generation has the same design but is a more powerful. This starts at $329. This will also be available by Friday.

i​Pad Air 4

T​he iPad Air has also been revamped, which has been completely redesigned. This looks like the last generation of iPad Pro but is in more colours. This is very impressive as it brings the some of the best designs from Apple to a more affordable price. As well as silver and space grey, there is rose gold, green and blue.

It doesn't feature FaceID, but t​he new iPad Air still has TouchID which it is integrated into the power on/off button which is pretty useful. It uses a brand new processor and is more powerful than ever. It has an edge to edge display, much like the Pro, although it isn't exactly edge to edge. It also uses USB Type-C, rather than Lightning - which is brilliant to see! On top of this, it has stereo speakers This will be available next month.


A​pple have made some pretty bold statements, including that they're going to be carbon neutral by 2030, from the supply chain to the customer. They have announced that they're removing the power adaptor from the Apple Watch, which looks good environmentally, but atualy just saves money.

A​pple Newsroom

A​pple Newsroom


W​ell, in September, Apple normally release an iPhone. This year, they haven't bothered I imagine this will be released in the next month or two but it is a bit of a disappointment that they never released, although it is better than nothing.

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