Apple wants to beat Android Auto by controlling your car using an iPhone

According to Bloomberg, the technology is called ‘IronHeart’.

1w ago

Bloomberg claims Apple is working on new technology which will blow Android Auto out of the water. It’s called “IronHeart” and it apparently has the ability to access the speedo, radio, climate control system, and seats of your car.

In order for such technology to take off, not only will Apple need to first develop it, but the American tech giant will also need to work in sync with automakers to ensure that IronHeart actually ends up in vehicles.

Apple is currently struggling to get its own car into production which makes it even more likely for IronHeart to become a reality purely due to the lack of hope in Apple’s own car. The company already has technology which can control some of a car’s infotainment system, this being Apple CarPlay. However, due to the coexistence of Android Auto, it will take something much more impressive and advanced for Apple to further progress in the automotive tech-world.

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Comments (14)

  • I don’t see the point! My radio has Bluetooth, that’s all it needs!

      11 days ago
  • I’d rather just control it myself. I mean it’s probably more of a faff trying to do it on an iPhone that it is in the actual car

      11 days ago
  • The only reason they want to do this is so they can bury you in advertising in some form or another.

      7 days ago
  • Great now my car is one giant expensive rc

      10 days ago
    • Agreed and not really necessary. What I can control right now on my phone is enough. Driving it should be with proper controls and in the car rather than on your phone.

        8 days ago
  • AND who can say for CERTAIN that it’s not going to go haywire and INTERFERE with the car’s ACTUAL driver aides 🤔 because it’s not exactly a 💯 fool & or HACKER PROOF is it 🤔🤨 and then WHO would be the LIABLE PARTY should anything like that happen?

      11 days ago