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Apple fans rejoice!

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Apple's yearly event in September is a time for all Apple enthusiasts to rejoice and revel in the wonder of the hottest tech the American brand has to offer. Although the release of the iPhone 12 was meant to be around this week, issues with manufacturing have meant that the next iPhone event will be slightly delayed.

With a whole heap of things to dissect from the Apple 'Time Flies' event, here are the main points:

New watch, who dis?

The Apple Watch has pretty much become the norm in recent years, with the release of similar devices from competitors Huawei and Samsung, the Apple watch has become a staple of the tech world.

With the 50/50 success of the Series 5 Apple Watch, introducing an 'always on' display, it didn't really offer anything much more than the Series 4, which got discontinued. However, the Series 6 has a few new features which are bound to be a crowd pleasers.

The S6 features an app that measures your blood oxygen levels, which could be useful. An added ECG app also makes up the list of new additions. A new S6 chipset means that the battery will have a much longer life than the Series 5. Like previous Apple watches, the S6 will have GPS, heart rhythm notifications and a water resistance of up to 50 metres as standard.

What's even more exciting is that Apple will be releasing an SE version of the Series 6 at a lower price. Priced from £270, the Apple Watch SE is a pretty good deal for what you get. The SE lacks the blood oxygen and ECG apps from the S6 but at that price point, it could be very exciting for first-time buyers.

iPad galore

Along with the new 'new iPad', Apple premiered the Air 4. The Air 4 employs the features of the iPad Pro while sitting at a lower price point. With a new 10.9-inch liquid-retina display, this is looking like a very good option for first-time iPad buyers. The re-introduction of Touch-ID is also present on the Air. The Air 4 makes use of an A12 Bionic chip which we expect to also feature in the new iPhone 12.

The new 'new iPad' hasn't really altered much from the old iPad apart from a few tweaks to the screen. It can still be bought with an Apple Pencil and keyboard.

Tim Cook wants your money again

Apple subscription services have divided consumers. Some say that they are a complete rip-off whereas others say that it's a bargain. Whatever side of the camp you're on, brace yourselves for a few more services, brought to you by Apple.

The 'Apple One' subscription service allows you to combine all your Apple products into one bundle. This includes: iCloud, Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, Apple Arcade, Apple News Plus and Apple's newest service, Apple Fitness Plus, giving you live metrics from your Apple Watch to your phone.

The 'Apple One' service starts at $14.95 for an individual plan, $19.95 for a family plan and $29.95 for the premium plan that includes the most iCloud storage. It'll be run in over 100 countries and will include a free 30-day trial.

What else?

Apple also revealed that new software will be launching today, September 15th. This includes: iOS 14, iPadOS 14, WatchOS 7, tvOS 14.

Although no date has been revealed for the iPhone 12 event, Apple are surely going to drag this out as long as they can to keep the customers running back for more.

Apple also created this cool like feature on Twitter which, when you tap the like button, a custom made animation would appear. Great move Apple.

What do you think about these products/services? Will you buy them?

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