Apple will not include earphones or charger in iPhone 12 box

This is going to anger a lot of people...

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With the imminent arrival of Apple's iPhone 12, reports have suggested that Apple will not be including earphones or a charger in the box. This is due to Apple aiming to slim down the overall packaging its phones come in.

The reliable source, Kuo previously said that Apple will no longer include wired earphones with the upcoming iPhone 12, and today reports that he also expects the power adapter to now be sold separately too. This is going to anger a lot of people, especially Apple newcomers.

Kuo says that Apple wants to sell the iPhone 12 at a similar price to the iPhone 11 and removing in-box accessories will equal out the cost of the 5G networking components. This will presumably reduce the size of the iPhone packaging which will lower their shipping costs and make them more environmentally friendly.

It is unknown as to whether Apple will still include the charging wire but the Apple watch as we know it still comes with the wire but no power brick so it's likely we will see a similar trend with the upcoming iPhone.

Apple's thinking will be that so many of its existing customers will have plenty of chargers and earphones lying around already but to charge us £50 more for stuff we already have in the box for the current iPhone range seems barmy.

Let's just pray this doesn't happen!

What do you think about this?

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Comments (19)

  • Apple in a Nutshell...

    Apple: Time to launch the new iPhone. What should we do to make an even bigger profit this time?

    Employee: Eh, remove everything you need to use the phone, like charger and earphones from the box.

    Apple: Sounds great, but what excuse should we use?

    Employee: The environment, less packaging you know. Then we'll earn even more when they have to buy every little dongle and other necessities separately.

    Apple: You'll get a raise, you are brilliant!

    Another employee:

    But that's exploiting people. And it certainly won't benefit the environment when chargers and earphones need their own packaging.

    Apple: YOU ARE FIRED!!!

      3 days ago
    • Lol, Even though I do think iPhones are better than android, this is what I think of when I think of apple

        3 days ago
    • Haha, yes it's difficult not to...😂

        3 days ago
  • Of course. Glad I bought my Bose wireless lol

      3 days ago
  • If it is a USB-c cable, we would be having one lying around in our house, these come with every electronic device charger not only phones. So we could use those cable. If it was lightning, that will be stupid. Apple charging bricks and cables cost a lot. This is cheating. But the market for iPhones in India are rich guys who can throw INR120,000 ( $1800) on a phone. The charger wont harm them too much.

      3 days ago
    • Yes guess we’ll see. I’m hoping for USB C but knowing Apple, we will probably get lightening

        3 days ago
  • So they are selling a car without petrol tank and wheels

      3 days ago
  • Sounds like Apple are standing there with a proverbial "mask and a gun". I said a number of years ago that they should change their name to ROBIN...


      3 days ago