AP's oldest Diecast - 1940's era Hubley

Buried and almost forgotten forever. This Hubley is on my shelf.

I was too busy with work to post this earlier when LaLD posed the question "What is your oldest diecast?" Here's mine. This is a '40's (maybe '50's) era Hubley car.

I got this car when I was a kid. My parents have always enjoyed growing their own vegetables on their property where I grew up. The house/property dates back to the early 1900's and at some point previous owners had been burying their trash on the land (which still blows my mind). So, when my father would till the ground to sow vegetable seeds he would unearth little treasures here and there. A bottle... a can... bits of metal... and on two occasions toy cars! As you can imagine, little AP was much delighted by finding these treasures even though it was old trash. It certainly kept me excited while helping out with the vegetable garden. Haha!

Since the old cars were fragile and old, my folks kept them on display in their house for many years until they handed them off to me. Now they sit in my collection. This one shown is the oldest one. I estimate it to be from around the 1940's and since it was pulled from the ground around 1985 after my parents owned the house for 10 years we can guess this little car was buried for 20 years or so. It's pretty wrecked practically worthless. But it does bring back really great memories when I was helping my dad out waiting for "treasures" to be found in the ground.

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Comments (6)

  • Found an example on eBay.

      24 days ago
    • Wow it looks super cool when it's not rotted to heck. Blue is suiting for this model since it looks like it was designed with ocean waves in mind.

        23 days ago
  • Woah...

      24 days ago
  • That's really cool.

      24 days ago
  • Wow now that’s an antique. The texture almost looks like my charred Christine.

      24 days ago
  • Look at the lines, really cool.

      25 days ago