A journey. A Road. The north. 9,500 kilometers of road adventure in the European Arctic

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The new five-episode travel series features a road trip in a hybrid Toyota RAV4 beyond the Arctic Circle to the North Cape - Europe's northernmost point with road access. Further, the difficult and adventurous road leads to Vardø, the easternmost city in Norway, and to Murmansk in Russia. The journey takes place in the extreme conditions of the northern winter. Along the way, we are taken in by an amazing polar night that sets off suddenly and unannounced, evoking a strange feeling of loneliness and isolation (the series is presented in Polish with English subtitles).

Beyond the Arctic Circle - ARCTIC DRIVE episode 1

Embarking on a new, far journey in search of extreme winter and road adventures. This time I am taking with me a hybrid Toyota RAV4. My goal is far, at the very tip of northern Europe. I want to get to the North Cape (Nordkapp). Along the way, I wonder how the car will handle overlanding. The road takes me to Scandinavia and the Arctic. I reach the Arctic Circle, where I am surprised by a long polar night and a real, extreme winter.

Into The Polar Night - ARCTIC DRIVE episode 2

Leaving for Lofoten. Bad weather, heavy rain and gusty winds make the journey difficult. The ferries aren't running. Eventually, forced to make a long detour, I reach the very edge of the Lofoten Islands, the town Å which is pronounced as O. Further on the way north, extreme winter conditions return. I am surprised by the almost eternal darkness of the polar night. I get to the arctic city of Tromsø, where I visit an interesting museum of polar and arctic exploration.

The Arctic Route - ARCTIC DRIVE episode 3

Extreme winter and road adventures ahead of me. I am discovering the full power of the Arctic! Snowfall, blizzards and closed roads make it difficult to drive north! My goal is almost at arms length. But will I win the race against time and be able to reach the North Cape?

The North - ARCTIC DRIVE episode 4

Already driven 5,400 kilometers and experienced many winter road adventures on the way. Ahead, the last 12 kilometers to the North Cape. However, Nordkapp is not the end of my journey as I take the long way round coming back to Poland. I visit Vardø - the easternmost city in Norway. I cross the Russian border and reach Murmansk, where I discover the world's first nuclear-powered ship.

The Way Back - ARCTIC DRIVE episode 5

I'm in Finland. On the way through Lapland, I have a very important mission to fulfill in Rovaniemi. While driving through the endless Finnish forest, after almost two weeks of absence, the sun appears, warming up the snowy surroundings. The road, as usual, brings fascinating surprises. I am having a great time, winter camping at a frozen lake. On the way, I accidentally discover the Finnish aviation museum. I reach the last stretch to Poland and slowly close the loop.

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