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Are 80's trucks the next collectors items?

A increase in price has hit a loved generation of 80's nostalgia.

40w ago

Searching through Bring-a-Trailer like usual, I saw an unusual wave of 'Squarebody' trucks anywhere from the late 70's to mid 80's. I didn't think much of it 'till I took a closer look. The prices ranged from $30k USD all the way to $280k USD for these machines! The most expensive example, was a Hemi-swapped Chevy C10 and had a ton of modifications done to it. Given the price for all of the work put into it, it seemed reasonable so I moved onto the next truck. The price read $75,000 USD. Sold. "Who would spend this much money on a truck?," I thought to myself.

The link above for the K10 Silverado had a display of pictures showing every possible detail of it. I was astonished of how well the owner had taken care of it, as it was in immaculate condition. Every single option seemed to be equipped, making it that much more valuable. 11k miles, no rust in sight. Dual exhaust for the 305ci V8, gauges and odometer looked period-correct. All of the important documents, service records, title, etc. were all there. It isn't a dually, just a single cab with the regular bed. Overall, not too bad for a clean truck like that, now that I have seen everything it had to offer.

Trucks and Tacos 2019

Trucks and Tacos 2019

In conclusion, I will have to keep my eye out for more of these trucks out on the road and possibly try and get a good deal on one. If you happen to own one, now is the time to clean it up, because this price inflation on these trucks won't last forever. Customization may be endless, but would end up costing way too much and can barely increase the value. Rotisserie restoring it is the way to go if you are looking to make a profit off of it, or keep as it is, only if it's in good condition.

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Comments (7)

    • 9 months ago
  • I honestly think your onto something. I’ve seen a lot recently and many of them have been restored to perfection. I definitely think they are starting to get popular

      9 months ago
  • Yep. Love em myself. Love that blue chevy. 350 is plenty of motor to have fun. Easy to crank up the hp if you have that desire. Cheap. Cheap parts. These trucks have a huge engine bay. I could sit inside of mine and never bust a knuckle. All large bolts as opposed to a Toyota or VW. Pop some fero carbon brake pads in there and yank out your fillings. You can drop em, raise em, leave em alone. JC Witney sells every body panel so you can repair the body or interior easily. What’s not to love?

      9 months ago
  • Short answer is yes.

    Here’s how it works. The generation that grew up with a certain decade of cars will get nostalgic 30 years later when they have money.

    Whatever cars that you commonly saw in High School will be collector cars in 30 years. Even if you don’t think they are at the time.

      9 months ago