Are Custom Exhausts Worth It?

I bought a custom exhaust for my MG, but was it worth the cash I paid?

34w ago

Ever since I bought my MG3 two years ago, I have always been disappointed with one particular part of the car: the exhaust. Don't get me wrong it wasn't a particularly bad sounding exhaust, but neither was it a good sounding one. I don't blame MG for making it quiet, at the end of the day, the MG3 is a city car but it would have been nice if, on the top models at least, the cars had a more sporty 'MG' feel to them.

Initially, I had 3 options for where I could go to get an off the shelf exhaust. 2 of them were from MG specialist garages and the last was from the reputable exhaust manufacturer, Scorpion.

As much as those 3 exhausts sounded great, I could never make my mind up on what I wanted from them. Did I want something loud and proud or maybe something that just sounds great at high speeds?

After a chat with my friend Nick, he suggested that I get a custom made exhaust. After not being able to find a standard exhaust for his Rover 800, Nick went and got one custom made through a Powerflow dealer and he thought that I should do the same. That way, I would be able to choose what the exhaust sounds like and looks like. Honestly, I don't know why I hadn't thought of this before!

So, I booked an appointment and got the car in. 3 hours later, I had a new catalyst back system fitted on my MG and what a difference it has made.


It's not too loud, neither is it too quiet. It just sounds right. As I said in the above video, I wanted it to sound similar to an old raspy A-Series MG Metro, or as close as he could get to it.

It's made some slight improvements to the way the car feels as well. It's now more responsive in the lower bands and believe it or not, the MPG has actually increased! Before, I was getting roughly, 38-40MPG whereas now it outputs about 41-44 MPG. Not much, but at the end of the day, every little helps.

The car now feels more like an MG than it did when I bought it, which is the perfect outcome for this new modification. At the end of the day, I originally set out to have it sound as if it had it from the factory. Plus, the power and MPG benefits help massively

All in all, £360 well spent.



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