Are electric cars the answer to the motoring world?

This is my view on the growth of electrifying cars

As we all know, the electric car revolution has arrived, and is rapidly taking over. It has forced manufactures to make changes to their existing cars. Volkswagen had to make their new eighth generation Golf a tech overload, but also distinctively Golf. Only because they were worried that their new ID3 hatch and the new Golf would overshadow each other. I also believe that this whole electric phenomena has lead manufatures to make pointless cars. For example, was it really necessary for Volkswagen to produce the ID3? A car they put numerous hours and a heap of money into developing? Well, when they have announced that an all electric GTE variant of the new Golf will come, the ID3 looks like a waste of time and space. Similarly, look at Porsche. They created the new Taycan, a car that they also put a lot of time, money and development into making. When they already make the Panamera, which, let’s face it, is just a larger Taycan, could they not just shove an electric motor into that. Yes I know it’s not that simple, but it is achievable. Mini did it. Look at their new all electric Mini, it has the same body, interior and chassis as the regular Mini. It also has some rather cool set of wheels.

Recently the government has announced that all cars on sale here in the UK will be electric. Every single one. I’m sorry I can’t believe that. Ford, one of the giants of the motor industry is yet to create a proper, mass produced electric car. Oddly, they do or are about to start building electric Transit vans. But when most car companies (excluding Tesla) only produce one or two electric cars, that means they will have to electrify their whole ranges. For Alfa Romeo, electrifying three or four cars is manageable. But Mercedes currently makes 37 models, one of which is fully electric. Now 2025 is five an a bit years away, so how do you get about turning 36 different models electric in that time? And what about all these little, British companies. How will Morgan make an electric car? They will have to borrow a motor and other bits from someone else. I really can’t see Caterham making any sort of normal car, not even talking about an electric one.

It’s not just cars that need to be electric in the grand scheme of thing either. Buses, trains, planes and even acricultural machinery will have to be electric. Trains you may think, is not a problem. But think about electrifying all of the UK’s railway lines. That means all of Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Yes we already have electric taxies in some cities, but not enough. On top of that we need electric buses, and trains, which is all phenomenally expenisve.

Another question that is raising over the grwoth and development of electric cars, is what happens to combustion cars. Right now various new cars are dropping significantly in value. McLaren have been very vunerable to this, with the likes of the 720S and 570S dropping around £50,000 in a year. But weirdly at the other end of the market, values of 1980s, 1990s and 2000s performance cars are shooting up. BMWs will cost you a bomb, E30 M3s will cost around £80,000, Z3M Coupes around half that, Mitsubishi Evos are nearly £40k, and a 22B Subaru Impreza will demand close to £100,000. When all cars will be electric and all combustion engined cars will be banned from cities, where will all these classics go? There are so many rare and glorious cars that won’t be drivable in most places soon. Does that mean they will all be locked up in garages? No body knows

Yes electric cars are miles better for our enviroment, but in the real world they aren’t realistic. But I do belive that all our public transport should be electric and improved. That way the vehicles that are used the most (public transport) will be harmless to the enviroment, and if they are nicer and plusher and newer, more people will use public transport instead of their cars. There you go my soloution

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