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A​re electric pick-up trucks really the answer?

S​ure, they are good. But are they the answer?

1y ago

There are two current options of futuristic motoring for you to choose. By now, unless you live in a hole, you will discover that these are both Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Battery EVs. And the way I see it, BEVs are the now, and FCVs are the future.

B​ut it's OK if you don't agree with me here. However, as time goes on, almost every style of car or truck that we know today is going to have need to have a long conversations with the laws of nature. One of the most obvious is the truck.

W​arning: Content not fit for Children. Credit - Telsa

W​arning: Content not fit for Children. Credit - Telsa

I​ love trucks. Even though I am not the red-necked hick that is associated with them, I still love trucks. They are practical, actually good off-road, and powerful enough to pull the whole of Buckingham Palace down with only 3,500 revs. It took a catastrophic amount of time, welcome to almost 2020, where all of this above can be had with only one purchase.

H​owever, with the push to save the environment and buy electric, there is now a growing concern, not for cars or wagons or anything currently taking your grandma to Church, but for our trucks. The big question now comes up saying: Do they even have a future?

I​f you did get scared off by that last question, please come back, because I think the answer is yes. Just not with electric.

A​lthough recently trucks have been given the status of "Big Truck, Small Penis" or "Should be extinct dinosaur," trucks were never meant to be your average grocery getter with your mother at the wheel. Trucks are not a fashion item, they are meant to be put to good use!

T​hese "Get out of my way" machines were meant to do something. They are for dirty-handed drivers who wear jeans have a mustache. They are for getting work done seriously and efficiently. Whether you need to go off-road, build a shed, or haul tons of equipment, today's modern trucks can do all with the push of a button and a turn of a dial. Literally.

C​redit - RAM Trucks

C​redit - RAM Trucks

T​his is all nice, but when you get into the electric side of things, this is where the whole concept begins to fall flat on its Texan-sized face. So here are a few reasons as to why the EV upstarts may have bigger shoes to fill beyond their original standards.

Off-roady bits

T​here really aren't a great many times you have seen a Tesla in the trees with the owner wearing full camouflage while tracking down a bear. This is because your typical EV, with all its batteries and tech, weighs just over your average bus. And although they are capable of getting you to a certain place unharmed, you'd better not ask it to take you up a mountain after a Monsoon or harsh blizzard.

A​nd yes, it certainly isn't everyday that you find yourself in this situation, but if you ever do, you might want to think twice about ordering Elon or Henry's EVs with a bed.

T​owey bits

T​here is no denying that EVs have a ton of torque. They can get off the line faster than your dog, and efficiently as well. And also, with tons of torque comes tons of towing, another big factor trucks are here to handle.

C​redit - Ford

C​redit - Ford

A​nd it seems that here, the EV boys of tomorrow will mutilate the competition like the Spartans against everybody else. And yes, an electric Ford F-150 was caught pulling one million pounds of train car, but then it seems as if towing a train car a couple yards is really only as far as you could go.

A​s with gas trucks, you may find yourself doing something productive, but really really difficult. You will be accustomed to seeing the fuel gauge move slowly by the second, until only 40 miles has past, and you are filling up your truck for another 40 miles. This isn't very efficient, but just as you can watch that gauge tick empty, the same will go for any EV. And it isn't like you can just go to any gas station and recharge your battery for an hour or so. That infrastructure just doesn't exist yet.

T​he Verdict...

I​ am not against EVs anymore. They are a very good present solution and answer to the future. However, when it comes to doing work with your actual hands and scraping your boots, there is no EV that will ever do what your 1977 K20 did. Sure, if I am proven wrong, I am proven wrong, but the fact off the matter is, if you want a truck that can do all of what it's supposed to, there isn't much reason to buy electric. There is a plethora of trucks out there to choose from for a wide variety of purposes.

S​orry Elon, you might need to go back to the drawing board with this one.

D​o you agree? Comment your opinion below!

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Comments (26)

  • Mr. Hayes. At it again. We have talked before about trucks. We all know Elon is marketing these Cybersucks (I spelled that right) to the do gooder, environmentalist, hipster who wants to get furniture from IKeA on the weekends. No serious man who needs a truck for truck stuff will buy this. I bet you will never see a contractor who builds houses for a living pull up to a job site with this truck. Where the heck is he supposed to charge it when he needs his tools and such out of it constantly? It’s a marketing ploy to get the internet talking as Elon does so well. It’s junk. It’s going to be junk and when some hipster wants to act tough I will gladly get my chain out and hook to his... ah yes, no tow hooks. Frame it is then. And pull his crap backwards until his motors overheat and you are left with a three ton paper weight. Bet me.

      1 year ago
    • Well, if you are getting furniture from an IKEA, why not just use an SUV? And contractors and workers wouldn’t buy a Cybersuck because they are real man

        1 year ago
    • Who are you?

        1 year ago
  • They're worth it when theres plug points in specific and planned parts of the middle of forests and deserts and jungles throughout the world.

    Otherwise its a case of a towing a generator.. then one has to begin to wonder if its all a solution to a problem which needn't be there to begin with. 🤪

      1 year ago
  • This guy gets it.

      1 year ago
  • If you want something that tows a lot with confidence, has an actual motor with lots of torque and can do anything and take you anywhere I would buy a diesel truck(an actual truck) electric trucks are not a better alternative but there interesting and let’s see how they do

      1 year ago
  • There is no truck that does all of what a truck is supposed to do. The flaw is in the question.

    Trucks like R1T and Cybertruck will do pretty well for anyone who doesn’t need a heavy duty truck both trucks will have at least 200 miles range towing. Unless you regularly tow cross country in a hurry, these trucks are good enough and will save you a ton of money in fuel. For normal drivers, these trucks won’t even add any more time.

      1 year ago
    • I see that, for everyday here-to-there purposes, the Electric Trucks will probably be superior. However, as of right now, we need to see where they go before we can conclude on the rest.

        1 year ago
    • The problem is Mr. Musk is touting this as comparable to an F250/ 2500 series truck. He said so himself during the reveal. No one who buys a heavier duty truck is going to buy electric, as of right now.

        1 year ago