Are Ferrari bigger than Formula 1?

3y ago
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Comments (3)

  • Sorry Peter Windsor, but I don't agree. Ferrari are not bigger than F1. Together they are both stronger, without each other they would both survive - but if Ferrari went off and created their own series, why would any other team/manufacturer want to join it, only to get thrashed by the red cars?

      3 years ago
  • Agree with the sentiments expressed in other comments - F1 can and should be bigger than Ferrari and of course Liberty understand the historical and cultural significance of Ferrari to motorsport but they need to implement a sustainable business model for the future of F1. We definitely do not want Bernie back - he was a master of the private club approach and ensuring that he and other chosen individuals continued to get rich off the backs of the gullible fans and countries that believed they should host an F1 race no matter what economic harm it did to its people.

      3 years ago
  • In a nutshell : Ferrari are NOT bigger than F1! Ferrari are simply spoiled brats. Ferrari needs F1 to sell their own cars. Please no, don't get that greedy dwarf back, he has made enough mess. Liberty need to stand firm and take that extra US$100million that Ferrari get just for rocking up (More than Force India's annual budget mind you) and as pointed out, they can't even even with an extra 100million in their pockets.

      3 years ago