Are Ferrari The Favorites Heading Into F1's Triple-Header?

Sebastian Vettel was dominant in Canada, but will that continue for the next three race?

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Sebastian Vettel stormed to the top of the driver's championship in Montreal, with a dominant performance that has Mercedes worried. The power sensitive track has been run by Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton for the past three years. In Canada, Ferrari had a clear power and pace advantage that could be vital in the next three races.

The triple-header, which consists of France, Austria, and Great Britain, will be a key stretch in the championship. The deciding factor in all three races could be engine upgrades in an already tight top three.

Ferrari were able to introduce their new engines prior to the Canadian GP with only one small problem for Grosjean in qualifying. Meanwhile, Mercedes were forced to cancel their plans for an upgrade in Canada due to reliability concerns. The upgrade delay forced them to use their old, worn engines that Hamilton blamed for his lack of pace in qualifying and the race.

Renault also brought an upgrade, which brought Red Bull within fighting distance in qualifying for the first time this year, besides Monaco. In the race, Ricciardo had the pace to get ahead of Hamilton as he struggled with engine problems that he blamed on the old engine.

Mercedes has not announced whether or not the engine upgrade will be ready for the French GP this weekend, but they were hopeful following Canada. If they are still unable to introduce the new power unit then they could face serious reliability problems at the French GP.

This Mercedes engine upgrade has to be effective if they want a chance at staying in the championship. So far this season they have only truly dominated one race, which was Spain. Besides that, they have either been in close battles with Ferrari and Red Bull or just way off the pace.

What team do you think are the favorites right now? Let me know in the comments, and don't forget to bump.

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  • Seems to be the case, unfortunately... IN OTHER NEWS: Has anyone noticed how they've somehow​ managed to produce some phenomenal road cars and simultaneously do well in F1? Witchcraft, I tell you.

      2 years ago
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      2 years ago


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