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  • A technology that's mature enough doesn't need incentives. Nobody ever paid incentives for CDs or flat screen TV sets or mobile phones. Better technologies come through, become cheaper and eventually replace old technologies. You can't force technical progress through subsidies. By comparison, right now electric cars are not even at the stage of early mobile phones, which were the size and the weight of half a brick. They will get there eventually but this isn't the case just now. And making batteries for electric cars puts a heavy load on the environment as well, just ask the folks in Chile.

    Also, let's not forget, incentives to buy electric cars are taxpayers' money! This means that I pay someone to buy an electric car even if I don't do it myself! I say, leave the money where it belongs, namely in the wallets of the people.

    15 days ago
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    • The cellphone-comparison is one that also came to my mind. But if it‘s similar to that, we‘re going to see huge leaps in technology from the present day „bricks“ to the advanced...

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      15 days ago
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    • Excellent idea! But let’s cut the subsidies for the oil industry first. It’s a mature market as you say and clearly doesn’t need them.

      14 days ago
  • It’s an attempt to speed up the death of the internal combustion engine and how can anyone want that?

    15 days ago
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