Are manual cars dead?

If you follow cars (which I'm guessing you do), then you may have noticed a growing trend of new cars having no manual gearbox whatsoever...

42w ago

Fewer and fewer car manufacturers bother to include a manual gearbox at all, they favour automatic transmission or at the very least a semi-auto flappy paddle system. In any case, the traditional method of changing gears in a car appears in be in an unpreventable decline.

So why is this? Simply put: Manufacturers want the drivers' life to be as comfortable and stress-free as possible. By taking away the gear changing element, they believe that some stress is taken away. It's a shame but it is what it is. Throughout the course of car and indeed wider transport history in general, things have constantly become easier and easier for the driver and passengers.

Fun can still be had in an automatic car, but perhaps less so.

Are manual cars dead? Not yet, enough people will continue to buy manuals only but they will quickly resemble a tiny fraction of the motoring public. Classic cars still exist and are still driven, but have become rarer and rarer. Classic cars are almost exclusively driven by hobbyists and I think this is what will happen with manual cars. They'll still exist but will have exited the mainstream motoring sphere.

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Comments (2)

  • I have a couple of manual cars and i thoroughly adore them both. The physical involvement I believe is what supplies that special attachment to the driving

    experience. Perhaps it’s because now driving a stick is less common.

    But driving a Ferrari with paddle shifters doesnt suck. Stomping into the firewall of a Nissan GTR isn’t bad either.

      9 months ago
  • Not yet, but slowly.

      9 months ago