Are new cars worth buying when they can be stolen for free.

As your hard earned money goes into buying a new car that costs thousands and you put faith into manufactures who not only make great cars with all the bells and whistles, well it all seems pointless when you park your pried and joy outside on your drive only to find that at 3 am someone can come along and without your fob can drive off with your car within seconds and within feet from where you are sleeping, manufactures, insurance companies and new car buyers need to be very aware that thieves want what you have saved up for and they can take it for free. This is what happened just the other day to a relative who had just purchased a brand new mazda suv

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  • You want to steal this car......? You better know you blood group!

      1 year ago
    • 1 year ago
  • Obviously this is very bad but can't you fix it by a simple steering lock? I lived in a rough area for a while and bought a steering lock (even if my car isn't that great) and that worked a treat, pretty difficult to sneak away with a car when you need to take an angle grinder with you to steal it. They're not exactly quiet.

      1 year ago